With festival season in full swing, thousands of people across the UK are heading to campsites across the country to enjoy a summer of music, food and live performances. But how can those attending ensure that their wellbeing remains a priority while partying?

The wellbeing coach Adrienne Adhami partnered with Defender to host a series of breathwork and movement sessions at Glastonbury this year for guests at the Defender Camp – an invite-only luxury glamping site with everything from live-cooking demonstrations to Bamford beauty treatments – to prove that having the full festival experience doesn't mean having to sacrifice making healthy choices. It is, she says, all about balance.

"Wellness shouldn't be about restriction," Adhami explains. "Instead of thinking about what you have to eliminate or cut out, think about what you can add to your life. What can you add to your day? That could be taking five minutes to do a breathing exercise, or putting hydration salts in your backpack to take to a festival, or stopping to apply SPF."

The author and podcast host is also firmly of the belief that we shouldn't feel guilty about carving out time for a little fun. "The modern world is stressful and our lives can be demanding," she says. "So, as a counter to that, experiencing joy – like going to a festival – is really good for our wellbeing; to have fun, to connect with other people. It's not always easy, but it's so important to find the time. Joy is essential, and it's really underrated. For me personally, I'm focusing on a season of joy."

Below, Adhami shares her tips for prioritising your health and wellbeing at festivals this summer – so that you'll have the energy to dance from sunrise to sunset (and beyond).

Happy Feet

While all festivals vary in size, they will undoubtedly involve a high step count; it’s been reported that the average Glastonbury-goer covers an astonishing 30,000 to 35,000 steps each day while on site.

Tip: Keep your feet clean and dry. Pack extra socks and a few plasters in case of any blisters. Change your socks regularly and have a dry spare pair in case it rains, plus a pair of sliders if it’s hot.

Sleep Essentials

Sleep at a festival? Yes, it’s possible! Even an afternoon power nap can enhance your mood, energy, and overall experience. If you want to get a few hours of shut-eye to recharge for another day of fun, you might need some helpful accessories.

Tip: Pack an eye mask and ear plugs. The eye mask will block out the early morning sunlight (or the mid-afternoon daylight), and ear plugs will drown out the sounds of late-night ravers. These two items are game-changers. Also, remember that the temperature will drop significantly at night, so take an extra blanket for your tent, just in case.

Sun Protection

Glowing red sunburn is not just a fashion faux pas — it’s a serious health hazard. Spending hours in an open field, even in the UK, can lead to severe sunburn if you’re not careful.

Tip: Apply sunscreen generously on your face, neck and chest, plus any exposed limbs. Pack a travel-size version into your bag and re-apply every few hours. Your skin will thank you for it.

Morning Eggs

Start your morning with a high-protein breakfast, such as eggs or a protein shake – this is the fuel you need to see you through the day. Protein helps to regulate your glucose levels and sustain the energy needed for all that walking and dancing.

Tip: Pair your eggs with wholegrain toast and some avocado for a balanced start. If cooking isn’t an option, pack some protein-rich snacks like nuts or yoghurt instead.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Last but not least, hydration is key. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, but it’s absolutely essential, and hydration becomes even more important if you’re drinking alcohol. Dehydration can lead to headaches, dizziness, and vomiting.

Tip: Bring a refillable water bottle. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also ensures you have water at all times. Enhance your hydration by adding electrolytes to your water. My personal favourites are Liquid I.V and HUX.

Try Adrienne's hydration mocktail recipe:

Liquid I.V lemon flavour


Sparkling water

Fresh ginger

Fresh lemon

Topped up with Ginger Beer

Defender is the official vehicle partner of Glastonbury.

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