Scientists find people living in urban areas and cities are becoming less able to digest plants

A gut bacteria called Ruminococcus, which helps digest fibre, is "sparse" in samples from the microbiome of humans living in urbanised societies. View on euronews

Gregg Wallace lost 5 stone by cutting out 3 foods and no diet or gym

Gregg Wallace lost five stone in weight after being warned by his doctor that he was at risk of diabetes.

What every man should know before they take testosterone

H3 Health, a medical clinic specialising in hormone health.  The guys in your local gym have been peddling it for years as essential for muscle growth. But in the past two decades, prescriptions for testosterone therapy (sometimes called TRT) have doubled. And it’s being marketed by direct-to-consumer campaigns for general health, sex drive and moo...

Top 5 health benefits of carrots

Top 5 health benefits of carrots By Kerry Torrens – Nutritionist Subscribe to our app - try 3 months for free Can carrots really help you see in the dark? And what other benefits does this versatile vegetable have? Registered nutritionist, Kerry Torrens, explores the health benefits of the humble carr...

Study offers clues about the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome post infection

Study offers clues about the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome post infection - The study indicates that brain and immune abnormalities may be linked to the chronic disease.

How Aloe vera's medicinal properties make it essential in medicine, cosmetics, and food products

By Priyanjana Pramanik, MSc. In a recent review article published in the journal Foods , researchers in Italy and Portugal investigated the diverse biological activities of Aloe vera (AV), emphasizing its potential in both cosmetic and medicinal applications. AV is a versatile plant with nume...

Six tips to improve your relationship with your body

A new study has revealed that a staggering 40 per cent of Gen Z struggle with body image, especially after flicking through social media. In the past month alone, Google searches for 'why do I hate my body' have worryingly spiked by 89 per cent. To help combat the online pressures, Marina Klimenka, wellness expert and visionary co-founder of the fa...

Why Your Weight Isn’t Always the Best Marker of Health

As a new study challenges the link between our weight and our health, MH weighs in with a few

What all men need to know about their prostate

As King Charles openly discloses his enlarged prostate diagnosis, here is all you need to know about prostate health

Wealth really does improve health – and here's proof

Wealth really is health.

How to spot ageing bones before you fall foul of a fracture

How often do you think about the strength of your skeleton? In terms of future health, you’re probably more concerned about cancer or heart disease than broken bones. But as we get older, the impact of a fracture can be devastating. It means loss of independence, and gruelling surgery. “The mortality rate one year after a hip fracture is 30 per cen...

Biden Tests Positive For Covid, Fueling Health Worries

US President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid with mild symptoms Wednesday, shortly after conceding he would consider dropping his reelection bid if doctors diagnosed him with a serious medical condition. The 81-year-old Democrat gave reporters the thumbs up and said "I feel good" as he cut short a trip to Las Vegas and flew to his beach home in...

What to do if you wake up at night and can't get back to sleep, according to expert

Getting a decent night's sleep is important for our health, but a lot of us don't get the recommended eight hours. Three-quarters of Brits get less than eight hours of sleep, while one in six get by on less than six hours each night, according to YouGov. Meanwhile across the pond, over 17 per cent of adults had trouble staying asleep most days or e...

Covid FLiRT variant: Symptoms of the new strain to look out for and how to avoid catching it amid summer wave

Covid FLiRT variant: Symptoms of the new strain to look out for and how to avoid catching it amid summer wave - People infected with the FLiRT and LB.1 variants test positive on standard PCR Covid tests

Advice from a wellness coach on optimising your festival experience this summer

How to stay on top form while dancing the days (and nights) away

The healthiest supermarket barbecue foods – and the ones to avoid

There’s something about the heady combination of good weather and the smell of smoking barbecue coals that makes people go mad for meat. Sausages, topped with a dollop of ketchup, suddenly become irresistible. Really, a barbecue has all the potential to be a healthy occasion. Grilling is much better than frying because you don’t need to add oil and...

Is laughing gas dangerous? How nitrous oxide affects the body

Nitrous oxide, also known as NOS and nicknamed 'hippy crack', is now classified as a Class C drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Can Sunflower Seeds Make You Lose Weight? A Review By Nutrition Professionals

Can supplementing magnesium really promote a better night’s sleep?

We ask the experts to weigh in…

Nine foods that improve your brain health

The old adage, you are what you eat, applies to both our body and mind. “There’s no doubt that food and mood are really closely connected,” says Dr Federica Amati, the head nutritionist for Zoe, the nutrition science company set up by Prof Tim Spector. “For example, we know that food and dietary patterns are really important in helping to prevent m...

Scientists discover that people who live past 90 have key differences in their blood

Centenarians have become the fastest-growing demographic group in the world, with numbers approximately doubling every 10 years since the 1970s. Many researchers have sought out the factors and contributors that determine a long and healthy life. The dissolution isn't new either, with Plato and Aristotle writing about the ageing process over 2,300 ...

Study uncovers genetic clues to the cause of restless leg syndrome

Scientists have discovered genetic clues to the cause of restless leg syndrome, a condition common among older adults. The discovery could help identify those individuals at greatest risk of the condition and point to potential ways to treat it. Restless leg syndrome can cause an unpleasant...

Healthy Spine Happy Life

A healthy spine can help align the rest of your body and life, follow these easy moves to help out your spine and start feeling the benefits! At WeShape we seek to give you the tools to help yourself feel better in your body. If you like this advice, click the link and try WeShape for free:

Nordic chronic kidney disease diet enhances health-related quality of life

By Dr. Liji Thomas, MD Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a debilitating condition that affects the emotional, physical, and social well-being of affected patients, thereby reducing their quality of life (QoL). A new study published in the journal Nutrients examines how health-related QoL (HRQoL)...

New drug extends lifespan by a quarter when tested on mice

An experimental drug that extends the lifespan of mice by 25% could also work in humans, according to the scientist who ran the trials.

What to eat for healthy hair

What to eat for healthy hair By Jo Lewin – Registered nutritionist Subscribe to our app - try 3 months for free Just like skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients. Interested in trying our FREE 7...

Four years non-diabetic status after impaired glucose tolerance diagnosis cuts cardiovascular risks

By Dr. Chinta Sidharthan In a recent study published in the journal PLOS Medicine , a team of researchers in China examined whether the years an individual retained the non-diabetic status after an initial diagnosis of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) was associated with the risk of long-term o...

More than 50% of Gen Z gets their health advice from TikTok

More than 50% of Gen Z gets their health advice from TikTok - About 58 percent of respondents said they felt less secure about their appearance after using the app

3 smart sewing tricks using a safety pin for all beginners

Tailor Nour 3 smart sewing tricks using a safety pin for all beginners An educational channel in the field of sewing in all its forms, including T-shirts, trousers, shirts, jackets and coats, and how to sew models of sleeves, collars, ruffles and sewing dresses 4 Sewing Tips And Tricks Useful Sewing Hacks and Lovely 🤩 Easy Ways to Sewing Neck With Frill Women's Bowl Sleeves Sewing Techniques | Sewing Tips and Tricks for Beginners Great Information On Sewing That You Need To Know , Pintucks Neck Design Cutting and Stitching #sew #sewing #idae #crafts #tips #tricks #recycle

Scientists finally work out how Greenland sharks can live to 500 years old

Experts think they have finally uncovered the secret of how Greenland sharks are able to live for so long. The Greenland shark can live up to a mind blowing 500 years old, and it is hoped their longevity could hold the key to anti-ageing in humans. Theories about their long lives have involved their super cold environment, as they inhabit Arctic an...

"I debunk wellness misinformation for a living… So, why did I fall for it?"

Given my career, I thought I’d be the last person duped by rogue wellness influencers. And yet…

Doctor shares 6 signs that you might be a borderline alcoholic

Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol? Or perhaps you're concerned about someone in your life? Dr. Dave Nichols - an NHS GP - shared six signs that you may be a "borderline alcoholic" to help you know if it's time to stop. Dr. Nichols spoke to The Sun about what makes someone "dangerously close to the line" of drinking too much. "A lot...

UK Smoking Ban: How will it work and when does it come in?

UK Smoking Ban: How will it work and when does it come in? - Plan set to be introduced to make a generation smoke-free

I am a doctor: Here are five main reasons why you must book a GP appointment

I am a doctor: Here are five main reasons why you must book a GP appointment -

Cannabigerol shows promise in reducing anxiety and enhancing memory without side effects

By Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta, Ph.D. Scientists at Washington State University, USA, have conducted a clinical trial to investigate the acute effect of cannabigerol on anxiety, stress, and mood in healthy individuals. They have published the trial findings in the journal Scientific Reports . ...

What to do if you get ill on holiday abroad

We all hope it never happens, but what do you do if you or a companion is taken seriously ill, or has an accident on holiday? What kind of treatment can you expect, how do you make sure you get it and how do you pay for it? And what happens if you need to be flown home in an air ambulance? Here are your questions answered. 1. Dealing with a medical...

The truth about ADHD and autism: how many people have it, what causes it, and why are diagnoses soaring?

It was in the mid 90s that neurodiversity as a formal concept and a rights movement began to emerge. Aided by the internet, autistic people and those with other conditions were able to connect and began sharing their experiences: what they had in common, how their lives differed. A recurring theme was how many felt marginalised, pushed out of a society that embraced only typical ways of being in the world. The phrase “neurological diversity”...

Is It Hip Pain or Sciatica? which one is causing the pain, the spine or the hip?

The video describes conditions that cause hip pain and sciatica. The symptoms of hip arthritis and sciatica overlap, it can cause confusion and delay in the treatment

Britain is seeing a summer of illness. Here’s what you can do to avoid getting sick

Britain is seeing a summer of illness. Here’s what you can do to avoid getting sick - Here’s when you should you get tested or see a doctor

Voices: Working-class men like Steve Wright don’t go to the doctor – and that’s exactly the problem...

Working-class men like Steve Wright don’t go to the doctor – and that’s exactly the problem... - Wright’s brother Laurence said that the legendary DJ was too ‘stoic’ to seek medical help. It’s an attitude that’s all too common – and can have tragic results

The worst paper for paper cuts is revealed – and it can even slice through chicken

Scientists may have discovered how to regrow teeth

Scientists are gearing up for human trials for a groundbreaking tooth-growing drug, with hopes to offer those suffering from tooth loss a revoutionary alternative. Molecular biologist and dentist Katsu Takahashi developed the first-of-its-kind drug by deactivating the uterine sensitization-associated gene-1 (USAG-1) protein, which is known to stop ...

Nurse reveals 5 most common deathbed regrets

Make the changes before it's too late.

How many litres of water should you drink a day and does tea count?

Drink up!

Healthy Chocolate Banana Bread - Chocolate Oatmeal Banana Bread

This Healthy Chocolate Banana Bread is a guilt-free treat, with a moist, tender crumb and irresistible chocolatey goodness that is sure to become a beloved favorite in your household. Made with oat flour instead of wheat flour, this recipe ensures a gluten-free delight which makes it friendly for those with with specific dietary requirements. We’ve skipped refined sugars entirely, opting instead for the natural sweetness of honey, enhancing both flavor and health benefits. Join this channel to get access to perks: For printing check the full recipe on my blog: #healthychocolatebananabread #sugarfreebananabread #glutenfreebananabread 0:00 - Intro 0:22- Mixing the dry ingredients 0:46 - Mash the bananas 1:06 - Prepare the cake batter 2:34 - Topping with chocolate 2:45 - Baking time 2:51 - Enjoying the chocolate banana bread Background music: Follow me: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: TikTok: WEBSITE:

When is the best time to drink a protein shake?

Here’s the scoop from the pros - and quantity is everything

Scientists discover new antidote for cobra bites that could save thousands of lives

Scientists discover new antidote for cobra bites that could save thousands of lives - The World Health Organisation identified snakebite as a priority in its programme for tackling neglected tropical diseases

Wireless device to monitor sleep and breathing in child patients trialled

The technology has the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy in conditions such as sleep disordered breathing.

AI-powered wristband or fingertip clip may revolutionize sleep apnea diagnosis

West Virginia University researchers will put a sleep apnea detection device at the fingertips or wrists of patients facilitating early diagnosis and treatment of the disease with support from a National Science Foundation grant. Dr. Sunil Sharma, N. Leroy Lapp Professor and division chief ...

What to Eat (Swahili) - Diabetes Series

Nini kinafaa kula. By Global Health Media Project: Over thousands of years, people have learned to combine different foods to create healthy ways of eating – with the exception of the modern western diet. The shift to highly processed foods, worldwide, underlies the rise of obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related chronic diseases. Although there is no single ideal diet, this video describes how to eat a healthy diet by eating real whole food – as our families ate before the coming of industrialized food. This video is one of over 30 videos in our series on diabetes prevention and care. The videos are targeted for three audiences: health care workers – to help guide providers in developing countries in good diabetes care; people with diabetes – to improve their knowledge and home care; and the general public – to increase their understanding of diabetes, with the aim of greater awareness of the risks and symptoms, and ways to prevent type 2 diabetes. Copyright © 2023 Global Health Media Project. All rights reserved.